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A couple of weeks ago I came across an interesting tool to measure the loading speed of your website. The tool was created by Pingdom, and it basically loads your website, tracking the time at each stage of the process. It’s called Pingdom Website Speed Test.

Once the test completes you’ll with a score (varies from 0 to 100), the number of requests performed (i.e., how many elements were loaded), the total load time and the total size of your page.

Here’s how DailyBlogTips scored:


On top of that you’ll also get access to a detailed break-down of all the elements that were loaded while opening your website, and the respective time that it took to load each of them. This information is quite valid to help you optimize your load time.

There are other tools that produce a similar report, but most work as browser extensions, so you need to install them forehand. As a web tool that you can use right away this is one of the best I’ve found, so check it out.

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