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Can anyone believe that Escape from Tarkov is already in its fifth year? Time certainly has passed by. Although it certainly has not made the gameplay any easier for the players in the game. The only difference is the number of players questioning why they have even started this game. The harrowing experience of the game has stayed true over the years, and according to developers, they have no plans to make it any easier for beginners.

But can anyone fault them? Especially after the massive success, this game has become. However, it does raise the fact of how a beginner player can have a more enjoyable experience in the game. The answer – by following the below-listed Escape from Tarkov hacks and tips, of course.

Escape From Tarkov

Buy the standard edition

We have to start with the beginning. If you have not purchased the game, you should go with the standard edition first. Yes, the expensive version of the game does offer some extra DLC content and containers, but the difference is not that massive. And there is always an option of you upgrading from the standard option in the future. Escape from Tarkov is not for everyone, so why invest premium money on something when it is possible that you would not even like it.

Get familiar with the mechanism first

There is no tutorial or helping guide of sorts to assist beginners in Escape from Tarkov. It is one of the reasons why the game is so much tricky. Without any learning curve, players are bound to struggle. But there is a way around it. And that is by understanding the movement and hotkeys in the game before even starting a round. There is enough content out there that one can do thorough research about the game and its mechanism without even booting it up. So, get on to it!

Focus on completing tasks

It is common for new players to ignore the tasks that are available to them in Escape from Tarkov, something that is not really wise. Leveling up in Escape from Tarkov is a challenging task, just like every other aspect of the game. But if there is one thing that can help you with this, it would be by completing your contracts. Additionally, by completing these contracts, you would also level up your relationship with the in-game traders, allowing you access to better weapons in the future. It is a win-win situation, so take advantage of it as much as you can,

Focus on the offline mode first

Escape from Tarkov offers an offline mode that players can utilize and get familiar with the gameplay. One could think of it as the closest they could get to have a tutorial in this game. But it does not mean that offline mode is easy. Yes, you would be up against the AI opponents, which are not really good, but you still cannot take your foot off the peddle.

The offline mode also allows you to get more intimately familiar with the map, the gaming mechanism, your weapons, and more. Naturally, when you are in a live match, focusing on anything other than surviving can be difficult. And this is precisely where offline mode comes in handy.


No, this is not a typo or any other kind of mistake. You need to abide by this if you want to succeed in Escape from Tarkov. Unlike other FPS games with an unlimited stock of ammo or even a method to get ammo quickly, there is no such thing in Escape from Tarkov. It makes the ammo a precious commodity in this game. On top of it, different classes of weapons have different types of ammunition that go with them. So, there is no point in spending your in-game cash on buying a gun when you would not have any ammo for it. So, yes, AMMO > GUNS.

Be prepared to die

It would be extremely unlikely, unfathomable even if you were able to survive your first couple of raids in Escape from Tarkov. And that is entirely all right. Even following all the above-listed tips would not help you much. But you know what will – experience in the game. So, keep playing and do not get disheartened if you die early in your matches.

If you are a beginner, you will definitely find the above-listed tips and tricks useful. Now, include them to your gaming strategy and be a pro gamer in Escape from Tarkov.

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