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Is your Insignia TV remote not working and you don’t know how to fix it? Worry no more. We’ve put together the best fixes to make your remote work again.

There might be several causes for the Insignia TV remote’s malfunction. We must first identify the issue and understand why the remote isn’t working before correcting anything.

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Why Won’t My Insignia TV Smart Remote Work?

Insignia Tv Smart Remote

Again, let’s determine why your Insignia TV remote is malfunctioning before moving on to fixes. Your remote control might malfunction for several reasons:

  • Your remote is unable to transmit a signal to your TV because something is obstructing the receiver.
  • You’ve broken your remote because you’ve dropped it too frequently.
  • Your tv remote internal components have been damaged due to exposure to extreme temperatures.
  • The remote is not linked to your TV.
  • There’s water or moisture in the tv remote.
  • The batteries in the remote have died.

How to Fix Insignia TV Smart Remote Not Working

There are several ways to achieve this: Check if the remote batteries have power; if not, get new batteries. Try to re-pair your remote to the tv, and remove any foreign object that may block your remote from connecting with the tv receiver. Lastly, you can factory reset your tv.

1. Replace Your Remote Batteries

Replace Your Remote Batteries

The most common problem that you may encounter is the remote having a dead battery. It will require you to change the batteries in your remote control. To change the batteries, remove the back panel. Remove the outdated batteries and insert the fresh ones.

If you have a multimeter, it is preferable to verify the condition of the batteries before purchasing new ones. You’ll save time by doing this and eliminate any potential remote problems.

It is a good idea to get non-rechargeable batteries, since they maintain a steady voltage during their lifetime, whereas rechargeable batteries begin to fail after 3 or 4 charge cycles.

2. Clean the Remote Sensor

Check your sensor if the Insignia remote isn’t working. Your remote sensor has to be kept spotless. The sensor will be unable to pick up signals from other devices if it is dirty. You have to clean the TV sensor after every two weeks

Try to clean the remote sensor with a moist rag and remove all the dirt that has accumulated around it.

3. Re-Pair Your Insignia Remote

Another reason why your Insignia TV remote isn’t working, it might be because your remote isn’t synced with your TV. The remote won’t operate till you connect it once again.

Connecting Using the Pair Button

  • Open the TV remote’s battery compartment located at the back.
  • Search for the pair button next to the batteries.
  • Hold down this pair button while waiting for the TV remote and the Insignia TV to connect.

Connecting the TV Remote Using the Home Button

Here is another method to connect your TV remote control with your Insignia TV if it lacks a pairing button.

  • Hold down the Home button on the TV remote for a minute.
Hold Down The Home Button On The Tv Remote
  • Be sure to aim the TV remote directly to your Insignia TV.

Using the Three-Button Method to Pair the Insignia Remote

Try this step if the previous one didn’t work to link your Insignia TV remote.

  • Hold the Back, Left, and Menu buttons down at the same time for a minimum of 30 seconds.
Press The Back, Left, And Menu Buttons Down For 30 Seconds
  • Ensure the remote is pointed towards the TV.

4. Remove Obstacles Between Your Insignia Smart TV Receiver and Remote

Checking for objects in the path between your Insignia remote and the TV’s receiver is another quick and easy solution.

Even the slightest item can interfere with this signal, rendering your remote inoperable even if there is no issue with your system.

It’s harder to see receivers on new TVs. You may simply set some house decor in front of it without noticing it because it can be concealed in the TV frame. So remove any objects in front of your TV since they can be obstructing the remote’s signal to the TV.

5. Perform a Factory Reset on Your Insignia TV

Despite the rarity of the situation, firmware issues occasionally prevent the remote from functioning correctly. This can indicate that all buttons stop functioning or that only a few do. 

Here’s how to perform a factory reset on your Insignia Smart TV without using a remote.

  • Go ahead and unplug your TV from the power source.
Unplug Your Tv
  • Press and hold the power button.
Press And Hold The Power Button
  •  Go back plug in your TV while holding the power button.
Plug In Your Tv While Holding The Power Button
  • Wait for the TV to boot into the Android Recovery menu.
Android Recovery Menu
  • Go to your power button, press two times until wipe data/factory reset is highlighted
Power Button, Press Two Times Until Wipe Data/Factory Reset It’s Highlighted.
  • Press and hold the power button until that yellow line turns green.
Press And Hold The Power Button Until That Yellow Line Turns Green
  • Press the power button once and select Yes.
Press The Power Button Once And Select Yes.
  • Hold the power button until the yellow line turns green on Yes.
Hold The Power Button Until The Yellow Line Turns Green On Yes

After data wipe is complete, it will return to the first menu. And now, it’s time to reboot your TV. Press and hold the power button until the yellow line on ‘reboot system now’ turns green.

Press And Hold The Power Button Until The Yellow Line On ‘Reboot System Now’ Turns Green
  • Your TV will reboot and return to its default setting. You can try to re-pair your remote control here.
Re-Pair Your Remote Control

6. Get a New Insignia TV Remote Control

Discovering the remote’s model number will allow you to purchase an exact replacement for your Insignia TV. 

Most people, however, prefer a universal remote because it allows you to operate multiple devices. A universal IR remote will work with a wider variety of devices such as your complete entertainment system. 

You can also get Insignia TV app from Google Play Store and use it as an alternative remote.

7. Contact Customer Support

If none of the methods worked to solve the issue, there might be a technical difficulty. Contact Insignia Support team to get a technician or another professional to deal with technical issues like this.

You can send the remote to the manufacturers and ask them to fix it. If the device breaks down before the warranty expires, the responsibility would lie with the manufacturer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Control Insignia Fire TV Without a Remote?

Yes, you can. You may utilize the Insignia TV’s physical buttons or the Insignia TV application that you can install on your smartphone. The app requires that both the mobile device and the television be linked to the same Wi-Fi network.

How Do I Reset Insignia Fire TV Remote?

By holding down the power button for 10 seconds, you may reset your Insignia TV remote control. Occasionally, it could take more time to reach the reset screen.
Keep pressing the button until the reset dialogue appears on your Insignia TV. Once it appears, just stick to the on-screen prompts to completely reset your remote.

What to Do if Insignia Remote Is Not Working?

These are a few typical solutions to this issue: your TV has to be reset. Your remote must be re-paired with your television. Check if the batteries are dead and replace them with new ones. Remove any object that’s between your tv receiver and remote.

Why Is My Insignia Fire TV Remote Not Working?

Many factors cause your remote to not work: it’s because your remote batteries are dead, you’ve dropped your remote and it’s broken, the remote is not paired with the tv, and/or water or moisture has gotten into your remote.

How Do I Unlock My Insignia TV?

It is simple to lock the TV by mistake on an Insignia because all it takes is a single command on the remote. Understanding how to cancel this instruction and regain control of the TV is crucial.

Locate the button labeled “Lock” on your Insignia remote. Point the remote controller to the TV’s receiver and click the “Lock” button. If now unlocked, push the channel buttons and see if they already work.

Which Remote Does Your Insignia TV Come With?

The majority of Insignia TVs include a smart remote that is capable of Bluetooth and can be connected to your TV. However, new remotes are accessible and work with all Insignia TVs.

There are three different varieties of Insignia TVs: a standard TV without any smart features, a TV with Fire TV capabilities, and a TV with Roku functionality. 


From the article, we see that fixing an Insignia TV remote that’s not working is easy. You need to try all these solutions:

  • Replace Your Remote Batteries
  • Clean the Remote Sensor
  • Re-pair Your Insignia Remote 
  • Remove Obstacles Between Your Insignia Smart TV Receiver and Remote
  • Perform a Factory Reset on Your Insignia TV
  • Get a New Insignia TV Remote Control

One of the fixes will help you solve the issue. If nothing works, contact Insignia customer service for professional assistance.

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