How Much Is My PS4 Worth? (Best Price for Used PS4)

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Are you planning to get a brand-new PlayStation 5 and confused about whether to keep your PS4? Selling it is a good idea, of course. But how do you know how much is a PS4 worth?

Apparently, many factors play a role in deciding how much is a used PS4 worth. The condition of the console, availability of accessories, and age are just some of them. Do not worry, though.

In this guide, we have talked about all you need about used PS4 price calculations and common ideas. It shall help you determine the value of your used PS4 and sell it for maximum profit.

Factors That Determine Your PS4’s Worth

Before we talk numbers, you should understand how to determine a used PS4’s worth.

1. PS4 Model and Storage Variant

As you know, different models and storage variants of PS4 are available. Despite being used products, these models have different price ranges as well. For instance, you can definitely get more money for a PS4 Pro or PS4 Slim compared to a regular PS4.

Ps4 Set

Similarly, there is the case of storage space. People love PS4s with additional storage, as they can store more games. So, if you compare a PS4 500GB and PS4 1TB variant, the 1TB variant will be a more lucrative deal.

Here’s another thing:

Some people look for special edition models of PS4. If you have one of these, eBay is a great place to find a lot of demand. For instance, you may have bought a custom-themed PS4 or PS4 Slim.

PS4 enthusiasts looking for custom setups will pay a sweet amount for these.

2. Condition and Age of the Console

It should have been mentioned first, but here we go.

If you have kept your PS4 without major damage, you can sell it for a good price. It will also be an effective idea to clean your used PS4 before you upload pictures. For instance, removing dust and debris from vents and other parts of the console will increase its worth.

In the end, you do not have to lie about the condition of the console — unless you want to deal with returns. But it never hurts to keep the externals of the console a little more polished.

You may also have to consider the age of the console. If it was manufactured way back, it would be worth less. On the other hand, recently manufactured models can assure you a better rate.

3. Accessories and Bundles

Did your PS4 come with a bundle of accessories? Well, these accessories can increase the used ps4 value while selling it. Some of the accessories are:

Ps4 Dualshock Controller
  • DualShock controllers
  • Speakers
  • Headphones
  • PS4 Camera
  • Cooling Pads

Depending on the age and condition of these accessories, you can add $10 or $20 to the price. Again, custom-themed accessories earn more on the used PS4 market.

5. Included Games

Have you bought games for PS4? If so, you can consider including them in the package. Of course, it will not be possible if you have a digital version of PS4 (without an optical drive.)

Ps4 Fifa21 Package

You also have the option to sell these games individually. If you can find sweet-spot pricing, you can earn a few dollars extra.

So, based on these factors, we can calculate the worth of used PS4 consoles.

How Much Is the Price of a Used PS4?

Here is something you should understand about selling used gaming consoles.

Regardless of when you are selling it, you can retain around 60% of the retail value. Of course, you can try for a better price, but there is no surety. Therefore, if you have a good-looking PS4 console, you can (ideally) get 60% of what you bought it for.

There is something else you need to note.

Buyers are always confused between two options: buying a new PS4 or a used one. You must remember this when you price the used product.

For instance, suppose a brand-new PS4 is being sold for $250 in some stores. If you put a $200 price tag on your PS4 console, you cannot possibly find a buyer.

Therefore, you have to check the lowest retail price of your PS4 model before you put a price tag on the PS4 console.

Now, let’s talk numbers.

You can find that the average price of a PS4 is $300 nowadays. We are talking about popular stores such as GameStop and Walmart.

Considering this point, you can put a price of $180 for your PS4 (500GB) with standard accessories.

However, if you have a PS4 1TB variant, you can put a price of $200.

By the way, as we said, you can increase the price based on the accessories you have. For instance, if you’d like to include a PlayStation camera or additional games, you can increase the price by $10 to $30.

So, in the end, if you have a 1TB PS4 variant and some games, you can sell it for around $220.

Where to Sell a Used PS4?

Now that you know how to calculate your used PS4’s worth, shall we check out places where you can sell it?

1. eBay

eBay is the best place to sell a used PS4 if you want maximum profit. The process of selling via eBay can be a bit cumbersome, though. You need to create an account, integrate your PayPal account, and become an eBay seller.

You should also do enough research before putting the price tag. If someone else is selling the same variant for low prices, you may not have luck. But, as we said before, custom PS4 models and exclusive variants will score more money on eBay.

You do not have to think twice if you already have an eBay account, though. In this case, everything should work fine.

2. Pawnshops

If you want instant cash for your used PS4, you should approach pawnshops. These shops will take your PS4, check the condition and quote the price. You can easily get around $150 for a PS4 with 1TB storage.

You can consider this option if you want to make some money off of your PS4 on the way to GameStop to buy a brand-new PS5.

3. Facebook Marketplace

Over the past years, Facebook Marketplace has become a great place to sell used products. Things are not different when you want to sell a used PS4, either.

On the one hand, the process is easier since you probably have a Facebook account. On the other hand, you may have to meet up with a stranger and encounter many spammy invitations.

But if those things sound okay, you can give Facebook Marketplace a try.

4. GameStop

We cannot exclude GameStop from this list for obvious reasons. First, GameStop offers a trade-in program if you want to get a PS5. That is, you can get a store credit if you want to buy a new console. However, we have seen that GameStop pays a comparatively less amount for used products.

Once again, if you are in a rush and want to buy a PS5 from GameStop, this method is the easiest. You might lose a tenner or two, though.

How Much Do Pawnshops Pay for Used PS4 Consoles?

It’s a common question we would like to answer.

If you are taking your used PS4 to a pawnshop, the device should look good. Then, based on the variant and storage space, you can get anywhere between $100 and $150.

Unfortunately, you cannot get more than that — unless you have a high-in-demand variant of the PS4.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Trade My PS4 for a PS5?

Yes, you can trade your PS4 for a PS5 at shops like GameStop. The shop will give you an in-store credit based on the PS4 you have.

How Much Do You Get for Selling a PS4 at GameStop?

You can get around $120 for a PS4 with a 1TB storage variant. As you can see, the pricing is lower than what you can get elsewhere.

Why Is PS5 So Expensive?

The brand-new PS5 comes with improved hardware, such as SSD storage and custom-built processors. There is also support for VR and AR.

Do PS4 Games Work on PS5?

While some PS4 games work on PS5, not all games do. Therefore, you may not be able to play all the games you have bought/downloaded for PS4.


If you didn’t read things entirely, here is a quick summary of what you should know about selling a used PS4 console.

  • eBay is the best place to sell your used PS4 for the maximum price. However, it requires a few steps.
  • You can get around $180 for a used PS4 (1TB storage) on eBay, but the price may be lower sometimes.
  • You should check the age, condition, and type of the PS4 console before selling it.

We hope this guide helps you sell the used PS4 for the best price possible. And have fun with your brand-new PS5.

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