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AirPods certainly come among the coolest gadgets to use in the present generation. Not only are they cool to use, but also their easy configuration and wireless features also make them a high-demanding product in the tech market. You don’t even have to connect to your mobile manually, rather the connection can go on via Bluetooth.

These are way better than normal earphones, which come free with some mobiles and offer you high-quality sound. In addition to that, the AirPods which have been manufactured recently have an additional feature of wireless charging. Some of you who haven’t used AirPods must be thinking that if it runs via Bluetooth, then it certainly needs to be charged. But where’s the charging panel here, and how does it work in an earphone-like structure?

Well, this signifies you’re in the 21st century, as technology has evolved to its ever-evolving nature. For those who are not much aware of the AirPods charging process, this article is the perfect place for them. Here we’ll discuss the way exactly AirPods wireless charging case works.

Everything About AirPods Wireless Charging Case

If you’re accustomed to the world of Airpods, about its comfort, and convenience, and have experienced the hours of pleasurable listening, then welcome you to the new feature of AirPods charging which is wireless. You may have seen your phone charging wirelessly, but might not have thought about how AirPods can charge being cable-less. Well, you can find the answer here.

Airpods And Case

Firstly, you’ll still have access to using a wireless charging AirPod case or not, which signifies that you can still get the use of first-generation AirPods, which will have a wireless charging case and can buy the case separately with ease. You can charge your AirPods with someone else’s case as well. This gadget can be charged with any functional AirPod case. But it is generally recommended to charge with your’s but in emergency case, you can have others’.

How Does Wireless AirPods Charge?

The AirPods which are manufactured in recent times consists of a QI technology compliant, for which they are able to get charged without being manual. In this regard, you also need to check out the small LED light blinking or standing still in front of the AirPods case indicating the strength of the battery life.

Now, to charge your AirPods wirelessly, the only thing you need to do is to plug the wireless charging pad into a wall socket, and consequently place your AirPods case on the top of the pad. Make sure it is in the middle, ensuring that the charging is done correctly. With this, the case will get charged, and your can also charge your AirPods at the same time if you want, or can take them out of the case.

Once you put your AirPod case on the pad, it should immediately start charging. You might wonder how long it can take to get fully charged. This will take more or less the same time, as it takes when you charge your case with a chord. Just wait some time while the LED light turns green, which is the indication of your AirPods case getting fully charged. And if it showcases any amber light, then it is not fully charged. The charging process generally takes an hour, or it might take a few hours if the charge goes zero.

Do Wireless AirPods Get Overcharged?

Many of you might have thought that if you put your AirPods on wireless charging, forget it on the mat, and go to sleep. Well, there’s nothing to worry about. As mentioned earlier in this article that many of you have seen wireless charging in mobile phones, and the same goes for AirPods as well. If you forget your device on the charging pad and go to sleep, nothing will happen either to your mobile or the case.

Simply, place your AirPod case on the charging pad, and do any other work with peace, as it will automatically stop charging after sometimes when it is done. There’s primarily no risk of damage in this case if the device is charging overnight or longer than that. Overcharging doesn’t occur in AirPods these days, as they are manufactured in that way.

The device simply stops charging or doesn’t take any more charge from the source once it receives a hundred percent. Even experiments state that leaving your AirPods on the wireless charging pad can be beneficial, as your device will be fully juiced the next morning, and will be able to deliver you 24 hours of talk time.

Open Airpod Case With Airpods Inside

In addition to that, for your satisfaction, if you want to take your AirPod case out of the mat after it gets fully charged you can do the same as well. Else, you can also use a lightning cable to charge your AirPod case, as using a cable will make you remember that you have to unplug something from the wall socket. Though using a cable will also, not be harmful or have fear of getting overcharged and eventual damage. And if damage occurs by any other means, and you’re hearing unequal sound on the pairs, you can check this guide on quick fixes for one AirPod louder than the other.

Bottom Line

Overall, using wireless gadgets will always be more advantageous than using the ones with cables. Cabled devices are also good to use and offer durability, but while using wireless AirPods you don’t have to stick around with dozens of wires. Sometimes, it gets really frustrating when we have to deal with multiple wires, as they stick together and it gets hard to separate them apart.

However, when you buy Airpods, you can have both cable charging as well as wireless charging tools with you. It solely depends on you which one you are comfortable choosing it. Using wireless AirPods charging is going to derive you some additional benefits, and feel its technology is very convenient and fun to use.

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