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build a better blog workbookAs you probably know, Darren Rowse from Problogger run a challenge last month titled “31 Days to Build a Better Blog.” Here is how he described it:

The idea is simple. By the end of this challenge you’ll have learned 31 aspects of blogging and put them into practice. It is designed not only to fill your head with knowledge ABOUT blogging, but also to give you some concrete things to actually DO something with the knowledge.

Basically each day you had a teaching and a task. The teaching would give you the concepts and theory, and the task would force you to take action on what you had just learned. Over 13,000 people participated in the challenge, and the feedback that Darren got was very good. So good, in fact, that he decided to create a workbook out of it.

He sent me a copy of it via email, and it is packed with information. There are 94 pages of pure content, with all the 31 tasks, teachings, images and links to useful posts and tools. Here is a screenshot of one of the tasks:

build a better blog screenshot
If you want to improve your blog but somehow always procrastinate, therefore, I would highly recommend the workbook. And the interesting thing is that you can use it in several ways, as Darren mentioned. Some people will want to do an intensive training and will ready it all at once. Others will follow the 31 days schedule and work on one task every day. Others yet might take the slow route and do one task every week. The important thing is that the ebook will get you going and actually doing something.

The workbook costs $19.95. Check out Darren’s post about the workbook for more info, or purchase it on this direct link.

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