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The worst thing that could ever happen to your TV is a broken screen. If one of your kids threw something at the TV or you dropped it while moving, you might wonder can you fix a broken TV screen? Well, it depends on the damage done to the screen. If it’s not worse, you can probably fix it or get it repaired.

Can You Fix a Broken TV Screen?

The lines, dots, or shading that suddenly appear on your TV screen are repairable. However, the physical damage done to the screen is not repairable in most cases. It’s because the screen is the most expensive part of a television, and most manufacturers don’t offer a replacement for TV screens.

Plus, there’s no secondary market for buying used screens. If you still try to repair it, it might cost you almost as much as a brand-new TV unless you get the parts cheap.

How to Fix a Broken TV Screen?

If you want to fix a broken TV screen, you need to know how badly your TV is damaged.

1. Not Much Physical Damages

If it’s fallen accidentally, but there’s no crack or something on the TV. In this case, turn on your TV and look for small dots, vertical lines, distorted shading, bright pixels, or unusual color spots on the screen. If you find any of these issues, you might be able to fix them by claiming your TV’s warranty or getting it repaired at your local market.

On the other hand, if you want to repair the screen on your own, here are some videos that can guide you through the process. Be careful while opening the back of the TV as some parts may have power stored in them.

Try to use a voltmeter and safety gloves before repairing it.

LED TV Repair Tutorial – Common Symptoms & Solutions

LED LCD TV FIX, How To Fix Screen Problem, Black Vertical Lines, Double Image.

LCD TV Fix: Bad Picture Screen Rainbow Colors

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2. Minor Cracks on the Screen

If one side of the TV screen has become darker or has the dreaded vertical lines, or the screen is cracked from somewhere, it can be repaired, but you may have to pay a little more.

First, you need to examine which part is broken and needs replacement. If it’s the outer covering of the LCD, I recommend you only fix it if you get the parts at a low price.

3. Severe Damage to the Screen

Broken Tv Screen

If the damage has penetrated deep enough to your TV’s glass panel, you should consider selling the TV. It’s because the actual cost of repairing the TV will equal a new one.

The Actual Cost of Fixing a Cracked TV Screen

If you’re wondering what is the cost of a cracked TV screen repair. Well, it depends on these three factors:

  • The display type
  • Who is repairing it
  • Condition of the screen

If you have a 4K LCD TV, the average repair cost will range from $350 to $450, depending on who will repair it. Moreover, repairing a QLED or OLED TV will cost more.

However, the labor cost depends on the damage done to the screen. You’ll likely get the job done at a lower price if it’s a minor crack at the edges.

If the impact is in the middle of the screen, the repair bill will be higher because the screen’s center is the weakest part and requires more labor.

Why Does No Company Sell the Screen Separately?

The most expensive component of a TV is its display. It’s because the process of making a TV screen is incredibly complex. Plus, there are a few factories that make screens for TVs. Moreover, most screens are specifically made in the BOE Technology Group factory based in Hefei, the capital city of Anhui Province.

Most major TV manufacturers purchase television screens from BOE, including LG, Sony, Vizio, and Samsung.

For instance, take LCD. This screen is made by placing together two thin glass sheets. There’s a layer of ITO (indium tin oxide) on one sheet where transistor cells are formed to get electrical signals to the center of the TV screen.

Next, a silicon layer is deposited, followed by a process in which millions of precisely shaped and organized transistor parts are built. The process is repeated to create little cells for every dot, which we call a pixel.

This complex process of making a screen is why it’s expensive. Additionally, two of three television screens do not pass the manufacturing test. It means only one screen is ready to ship, while the others are useless.

The shipping cost also increases the screen price, as these displays are manufactured in China and shipped worldwide.

So, you might not get the screen separately for your TV because it’s not financially sensible. However, you can still buy a TV replacement screen on eBay and Useful Parts. You should replace the screen if you get the parts at a lower price.

Are Screen Damages Covered Under Warranty?

Screen damages are usually not covered under warranty unless it’s a manufacturing defect. Spots, streaks, lines, discoloration, imperfections, and so on are covered under your TV’s warranty, but only for a limited time.

Your new TV is likely to come with a one-year warranty. However, there’s also an option to extend your warranty for longer.

The best news is that if you face any problem with your TV, it is likely to happen in the first year.

There is no warranty for any actual crack or break on your TV screen.

Here’s a list of sections that identify what TV manufacturers will not cover in the warranty period:

  • Repair, setup, or installation attempted by someone other than the authorized service employee
  • Adjustments, modifications, or customer misuse
  • Acts of God
  • Shipping damages
  • Signal issues
  • Power surges or improper voltage supply
  • Improper operation
  • Normal wear and tear
  • Cosmetic damage

If your case matches any of these, you’re probably out of luck.

You can claim your TV’s warranty using these links:

Is It Worth Fixing the Screen?

Internal Parts Of Lcd Tv

You might now know the answer to “Can you fix a TV with a broken screen?” Now, you might be wondering if it’s worth fixing the screen.

In most cases, it is not unless you can somehow manage to get the TV repaired at a lower price.

It’s because the screen is the most expensive component of a TV. If it’s damaged, there’s nothing more you can do about it.

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What Should You Do With a Broken TV Screen?

You are left with two choices to deal with your cracked TV:

1. Sell on Various Marketplaces

If your TV screen is completely damaged, don’t try to repair it; sell it. However, you may not get much, but if you sell it to the right buyer, it might be worth something.

Many parts of your TV, like LED strips, circuit boards, speakers, etc., have value in the secondary market.

Technically, you can also sell those parts individually, but it’ll only consume your time and energy. It’s something worth not trying. So, it’s better to list the TV for sale.

You can sell your TV in the following marketplaces:

  • Craigslist
  • eBay
  • Facebook Marketplace

If you didn’t find any buyer, try listing it for free on the same marketplaces.

2. Throw It Away

If selling didn’t work for you, try properly disposing of your TV.

Try any of these ways to dispose of your cracked TV:

1. Check Out Your Town’s E-Waste-Collecting Policies

Most cities or towns have policies on collecting or recycling electronic waste. Some even have drop-off locations or special pick-up days to dispose of the product. All you need to do is contact the public works department of your city or town and ask where you can dispose of or recycle old or broken electronics.

2. Local Electronic Stores

These electronic stores generally recycle various products. For instance, take Best Buy. They run a recycling program nationwide. But you’ll have to pay a nominal fee for recycling.

3. Search for a Local Electronics Recycler

You’ll find many local electronics recyclers near your location. Simply go to the Earth911 website, type “TV” into the search box, enter your zip code, and click on the “Search” icon. It’ll find the nearest recycler to your current location.

You’ve got three ways to dispose of your TV. Make sure that you don’t drop off your TV at a clothing donation box or donation center for the sake of saving time and some money. It’s necessary to dispose of your television correctly.

The Best Ways to Protect Your TV

The TV is the most fragile object in the room, and one wrong impact can potentially cost you hundreds of dollars.

It’s always better to protect your TV in the first place rather than find ways to fix it.

Here are some ways to protect your TV screen from external damage:

1. Use a TV Stand or Mount Your TV

Mounting your TV prevents anyone from knocking or bumping into it accidentally. However, it won’t stop children from throwing objects at it. But it’s out of reach for them.

You can also place your TV on a big TV stand and fix it on the table so that it won’t move by applying a little force.

2. Get a Protector for the Screen

Another thing you can do is buy a waterproof screen cover for your TV. This way, your TV stays protected from any liquid contacts or dust.

3. Set a Rule for Your Kids

Most of the time, kids accidentally damage the TV screen by throwing their toys at it. Here, you can set a rule that no one’s allowed to throw anything near the TV.

Also, ensure that none of your kids is allowed to touch the screen. Children may sometimes want to touch the screen as they become amused by the ongoing show. However, we all know there’s no reason to come near the screen as it’s not touch-enabled.

So, it’s better to have some rules set for your TV.

4. When Playing Virtual Reality Games, Use Caution

Nowadays, VR games are popular, and you can even play some games on your TV without any gaming console. That’s where many TVs are in danger because one wrong step or mishit from you while playing will probably damage the TV for good.

So, ensure you remain within your boundaries while playing VR games on TV.

If possible, try not to play games on your TV with a controller or VR.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Does It Cost to Fix a Broken Screen on a TV?

The repair cost depends on these factors:
> Type of TV display
> Repairman charges
> How much damage was done
In most cases, the cost ranges between $300 and $400.

Can a LED TV Screen Be Repaired?

It depends on the condition of the screen. If the damage is not severe, it can be repaired; otherwise, there’s no point in repairing the screen. It’s because the repair cost will be nearly equal to a new TV’s cost.

Can You Fix a Broken LG TV Screen?

Yes, schedule an appointment on the official LG website to repair your TV. If your TV is over 33 inches, it will require on-site repair; otherwise, you’ll have to send it. Plus, you’ll have to pay for the charges associated with consumable and cosmetic parts even if your TV is still under warranty.

How Much Do Common TV Repairs Cost?

Common TV repairs cost between $60 and $300.

Is It Worth Fixing a Cracked TV Screen?

Unfortunately, the damage is severe in most cases, and it’s not worth fixing. It’s because the repair cost would be almost equal to a new TV’s price. However, if you find a way to repair it at a lower price, it’s worth it.


There’s nothing worse than breaking the TV screen, as no warranty covers this damage.

You can only fix the screen in cases of minor screen damage. Otherwise, you can’t repair it. If you still insist on repairing it, the cost may be the same as purchasing a new TV. Moreover, most electronic repair shops may not even consider fixing it because of the labor required.

You are only left with two choices: sell it or dispose of it.

So, it’s really important to protect your TV in the first place by setting up some rules and becoming more careful around the TV to prevent these things from happening!

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