Ask The Reader: What Is Your Bounce Rate?

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Yesterday we had a guest post talking about the importance of having a low bounce rate. In the past I had also written about this topic, with the posts What Is Bounce Rate? and What Is High, Normal And Low Bounce Rates?.

Apart from talking about the definition and explaining how one can lower his bounce rate, though, I figured it would be interesting to actually compare your own bounce rate to that of other bloggers, so that you can analyze their sites and understand what you/them might be doing right and wrong.

That is the purpose of this post. I invite you all to write a comment below sharing your own bounce rate. Feel free to explain why it’s high/low, and what strategies you used to lower it in the past.

Depending on the amount/type of answers I might compile the best ones into a post, with practical tips for those who want to lower their own bounce rates.

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Daniel Scocco is a programmer and entrepreneur located in São Paulo, Brazil. His first company, Online Profits, builds and manages websites in different niches. His second company, Kubic, specializes in developing mobile apps for the iOS and Android platforms.

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